Let's create a car brand. From scratch.

for A new car brand

01 About the project

Whilst enjoying a pint a passionate car enthusiast pondered the news that a global car brand was to discontinue its legendary 4×4 stalwart.

Fuelled by a sense of nostalgia and desire to fill the gap that would be left when this famous 4×4 rolled off the production line, this car enthusiast decided that he would create a team from scratch to design, build and launch an entirely new car – one which was driven by the same principles which made the legendary 4×4 vehicle universally popular: simplicity, adventure and rugged off-road capability.

02 The strategy

There’s a huge on and offline community of 4×4 enthusiasts. Get them involved in the conversation.

03 Our team members delivered:

  • Community and audience research
  • Brand development
  • Proposition development
  • Launch campaign planning
  • 12-month marketing plan

04 The impact

5 x


2 x


 12 month




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05 Our thinking