01 Change is inevitable

Change can be either inspiring or incredibly stressful. Depending on how you manage it. Let’s make the next change worth doing.

02 Time to change your culture?

Bad cultures breed inefficiency, make talent leave, impair decision making, and prevent new ideas from seeing the light of day.

03 Sound familiar?

“[...] we frequently see companies full of smart people acting stupidly. Mats Alvesson and André Spicer describe this as “functional stupidity”.”

04 Put an end to functional stupidity

Functional stupidity is what overinflated processes and functional reward systems create.

We can find the hidden traps in your organisation that are putting roadblocks in front of your people.

05 The impact of culture

“[...] the difference between a nine-hundred percent and a seventy-five percent appreciation in equity value is attributable to the strength of a company’s corporate culture [...]”

06 Make your change worth doing

It’s not just about improving your NPS. We uncover cultural issues, align vision and values, spark creativity, ignite innovation and engage leadership.

Our approach is focussed on what really drives behaviours.

Ready to start changing things up?

It's time to put functional stupidity to rest

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08 Our clients say

“An exemplary approach to stakeholder management often spotting outliers that need to be better connected to a project to secure buy-in. Brightful builds high-performing teams clearly focused on success while ensuring that all team members share the same vision.”

Simon Quayle, Director of Digital, GSK

09 Our clients say

“A natural talent for encouraging collaboration amongst the project team, working hard on getting the project off to a strong start. Not afraid to challenge the team (or the client) when needs be, particularly if the goals or objectives are not clearly defined or suitably robust. The high-quality results and the continual focus on the end-user are a testament to that tenacity.”

Jos Smith, Global Interactive Manager, Cadbury's Plc (now Mondelez International)

10 We've delivered change for businesses, agencies and start-ups

Our team members have delivered for

11 Our thinking on change

How to do change well

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