We might not always get it right. But we won't improve unless we try.

It’s rather odd to talk about the good you try to do every day. Some of it works, some of it is appreciated. And some of it doesn’t always work out as you expect it. But what makes Brightful and the people that are part of it so special, is that everyone is trying to bring something good and positive to the world each day. Whether it’s Milly’s passion for raising organic chickens, Richard’s passion for helping young creatives at the start of their careers through Winchester Creatives, our commitment to becoming a carbon-positive workplace or Julia’s focus on positive messages through street art with Medway Heroes.



Let's stop making excuses

It’s easy to be benevolent, when things are going well. But it can be much more challenging to do the right thing when the chips are down. After many years of working for large agencies the team behind Brightful wanted to do things differently, and do more good. And, let’s be honest, entrepreneurship is not an easy road to success and it’s easy to get carried away and become more self-absorbed.

And, we won’t lie. We’ve all had our moments along the way. But in reflecting over the last few years we all tried to do good in some way we knew we could.


Reflecting on what we've done

In the last five years, Brightful has been able to support local charities and our communities through:

  1. Committing to becoming a carbon-positive workplace and minimising our impact on the environment
  2. Tackling youth unemployment through Winchester Creatives
  3. Helping to save people’s lives through projects such as IBM searchlight
  4. Inspiring curious minds through our partnership with TEDx Winchester
  5. Educating the nextgen of digital talent at Brightful BIMA Digital Days
  6. Skilling up local entrepreneurs through our ‘Screw it, Let’s do it! workshops
  7. Fundraising for the Dr. Martens Plc team to support Fareshare
  8. Raising over £500,000 for The Pavilion Project on a zero budget
  9. Supporting local charities by participating in Hack for Good
  10. Raising £5,000 for the Winchester Cathedral Choral Foundation

Bring on the next five years. More good. More positivity. We’re ready to sprint to that.

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