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What’s THINK/DO/CHANGE all about?

Our clients choose us either as their thinking partner or their delivery partner for creative and digital work. But some of the most exciting work we get is when we get to help organisations truly change.

What is a THINK/DO/CHANGE sprint?

To keep things simple we sell our services in 5/10/15 day packages that help you get off the ground quickly. Just get in touch with us here.

What is a design sprint?

A design sprint is a 3-7 day programme that brings your core team together to solve a big or very important business problem. It can be a product, a landing page or an actual process or business problem. You will need your entire team for a minimum of 2 days. We will organise and facilitate the entire programme. The key benefit is that you will have a working prototype that has been user tested at the end of the programme. Not just sticky notes with lots of great ideas that get thrown in a bin.

What is a problem solving workshop? 

A problem solving workshop is a great one day workshop to align stakeholders in large organisations to work out what key problems should be solved first. Running a design sprint in a large organisation with lots of decision makers can be more challenging or at least different to running design sprints with a single business owner or entrepreneur. Problem solving workshops are a great tool to get this resolved.  

What culture services are you offering?

We have many years of experience in implementing change across large organisations. We can help you uncover and identify issues and help you resolve them. Some can be solved quickly, others will take more time. It’s not as easy to shift a big tanker. 

How can you help agencies?

We’ve helped many agencies shape their proposition, help them win pitches, shape teams and help them deliver large projects. We are your extended agency on tap, happy to be white labelled and we honour gentlemen’s agreements to not go after your clients.  

How can you help a business?

We’ve helped businesses as large as Shell and as small as a local dental hygienist to get their marketing and communication in shape. We can help you shape your brand, improve existing or set up new digital tools and help you optimise your marketing and communication. Fast.  

How can you help a start-up?

We love start-ups. So much that after many years in large agencies we decided to become one ourselves. There’s nothing more rewarding then learning new things, wearing many hats, but we also understand the financial and time pressure a start up is under. Which is why we like to keep it simple with design sprints that can help you see your product the light of day faster, or we can help you develop your fully rounded brand and marketing proposition.   

What sectors are you working with? 

What sectors haven’t we worked with? We’ve done construction, financial services, healthcare, fashion, automotive, FMCG, chemical, natural resources and many more. 


Ready to move faster?

Kick things off with a 1-day problem solving workshop or get moving even faster with a sprint.

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