We've launched!

We've launched!

The future is brightful. Let's sprint to that.

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We have launched!

On a hot afternoon in July 2019 in Clerkenwell, London we finally said hello world! Our entire launch started as a complete blur as we set ourselves the ambitious target of launching a brand, website, animation and running our first event in less than a month. Moving forward fast certainly has advantages but not when Facebook and Instagram servers decide to have a melt-down the night before launching and we needed to switch on our social channels at speed. We certainly learnt a lot that night, some of which was not exactly bright. But fortunately, the FB or Instagram debacle didn’t stop us from finally launching. And just as well: our launch party less than a week later was a huge success!

Screw it. Let’s do it!

After saying a million thank yous to all the great supporters we’ve had along the way (you know who you are but a special thank you goes out to Etch and Big Radical that kindly let us use the venue and Studio Republic for the professional event coverage). We genuinely appreciated your support. And of course, Chris Battersby (and no, he looks nothing like his twitter profile pic but he does have the same superb sideburns) from Virgin Atlantic who gave an inspirational presentation on how Virgin Atlantic are creating amazing customer experiences fast.

As Manager of the Project Managers (we love the title btw), he gave us some great insight into how Virgin Atlantic are building apps and digital solutions for some seriously big and real-life problems for the airline industry. Focussing on data, customer experience and efficiencies, Chris showed how Virgin Atlantic use digital to provide customers with their favourite cocktail, ensure engineers always keep track of their tools during routine maintenance, empower onboard staff to save passengers from losing their temper when the inflight entertainment fails, save fuel by distributing cargo more efficiently and digitising cargo transports (or as the pros call it: below the wing). And given that the air industry is a serious margin business every penny counts, delivering solutions means it has to be lean and make an impact fast.

Food, drinks and screen printing

We can’t really thank everyone who attended enough! It was incredible to see so many friendly and supportive old friends and old colleagues, who we knew from many years ago. Apart from a lot of Prosecco beer and pizza, Richard also shared a special bottle of red wine that he had kept for years for a special moment. There was also screen printing by Rachel Moore of Brightful logos on tote bags (one t-shirt was also sacrificed – thank you Miles!!).

So here we are. It’s a big courageous and scary step for us (we’re still learning every day) and we need your support to make this a success. So whatever you can do to share, tweet, like or clap please do. If you have a cool brief that you need a fast and efficient solution for, let us know! And, for the avoidance of doubt, we’ll do the right thing by the supportive agencies we have current relationships with. So if you are a client of theirs, of course, please contact them directly. To everyone else, we’re here to help!

The future is brightful. Let’s sprint to that!

Massive thanks from Richard, Milly, Julia and Dom

Chris Battersby from Virgin Atlantic gave an inspirational speech
Thank you to everyone who attended our launch party!
Chris Battersby explaining how digital can even help with fuel efficiency
Rachel Moore from iprintedthat was showing everyone how to screen print the brightful logo onto tote bags
Selfie time!
Ola Podgorska, freelance UX and Designer
We really hope your t-shirt is worth a lot of money one day Miles!
Julia Scanlon, Brightful Think Lead
Nothing could escape our screen printing
Luke Scanlon from Pinsent Masons
Miles Tomlinson, an old friend, wearing his t-shirt with pride
Give Richard a stage and he's in his element...
Andrew Webster
There were drinks and food too...
Old colleagues and friends catching up
Rachel Moore showed us all how to screen print

Credits: Our event photos and video was shot and edited by the lovely Libby James Watt from Studio Republic. The screen printing was by Rachel Moore from iprintedthat and the venue was provided by Etch/Big Radical. Thank you for your support.

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