How to make gluten and dairy free pancakes
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How to make gluten and dairy free pancakes

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How to make gluten and dairy free pancakes

Oh yes, gluten free pancakes can taste great! If you’re gluten or dairy free, fear not, we have just the recipe for you. Who said you can’t enjoy the most delicious pancakes?  If you don’t tell anyone I swear they won’t know any better.

If our last how to pancake article left you wanting more here’s how to make the best gluten and dairy free pancakes:


  • 1 organic or free range egg
  • 1 mug of doves gluten free flour (you can try other ones, but it’s risky, I’ve had it fail with other gf flour)
  • 1 mug of bonsoy (you can get it on amazon and you will be hooked despite the hefty price tag)
  • Half a mug of coconut milk
  • A dash of salt
  • 150- 250g of butter or dairy free alternative (margarine, coconut oil either should work fine), that’s if you can’t have any dairy at all

We love our pancakes with:

  • One lemon or lime
  • Demerara sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Maple syrup

Here’s how to make the most delicious gf/df pancakes:

Put the flour in a large bowl. Make a little well in the middle and crack the egg into it. Season with a dash of salt. Add the bonsoy and a large spoonful of melted butter (or alternative) and whisk it all together with an electric mixer.

Add the half cup of coconut whilst whisking. The consistency should end up fairly liquidy. Make sure that the thicker consistency doesn’t just get stuck at the bottom of the bowl. Make sure to mix between pancakes

You can refrigerate the mix for a while which is supposed to make things better, but I never have time to do that so I skip that step and it tastes just as well.

Heat up a little butter (or alternative) in a large non-stick frying pan on medium heat and pour a medium – large ladle of pancake batter into the pan so the pan is covered with a thin layer. Swirl around gently to make sure the entire pan is covered.

Leave it to fry for 30 sec or until you think the bottom is cooked and use a wooden spatula to gently lift and flip the pancake. You want it to be cooked but not too crispy or dry. Fry for another 30 seconds or so and serve on a large plate.

Squeeze about half of a quarter lemon and lime on each pancake, sprinkle it with a tea spoon of sugar and some cinnamon. Fold it in half and then half again for a nice looking pancake triangle and pour over a little maple syrup. You will want to make 2-3 of these delicious pancakes for each guest. This recipe yields about 6-9 pancakes depending on pan size and how efficient you are.

Now you only have to decide who gets to eat the last one! Bon appetite!

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