Hypergrowth London 2019

Hypergrowth London 2019

June 2019 organised by Drift

by Julia Scanlon read time 4 mins

As far as industry events go, this is the one to beat

We attended this jam packed marketing event near London Bridge with some serious high growth hitters and entrepreneurs from the US. Each presentation oozed of quality and genuine high value insights for marketeers who want to deliver results. Only criticism: more chair space please. I suppose the high attendance made that tricky with the size of the room. 

What this event isn’t

A fluffy pat on your own shoulder event where you frantically need to work out what stage is worth visiting (only to work out that you’ve ended up in the boring room). People didn’t just come and leave. They came and stayed. 

Hypergrowth 19 speakers

SpeakerJobKey pointsTwitter handle
Amanda HillCMO at HarrodsAmanda opened up on how it’s crucial to embrace the inner creative child and the more technology we have the more brands need to become humanNot on twitter
Brian HalliganCEO of HubspotBrian explained that barriers to starting a business are low, but serious growth is difficult and comes from delightful customer experience disruption rather than product disruption@bhalligan
Charlotte PearceCEO of InkpactCustomer loyalty equates to love. It’s like dating…you need to find those ‘Eros’
moments. A handwritten note or specially commissioned painting makes a lasting
Jimmy ChinMountain climber, photographer and cinematographerJimmy's inspirational life story on how he got to shoot the Oscar wiring ’Free Solo’ documentary had us at the edge of our seats the entire time. Highlight of the event. Our favourite quote: you can either risk too little or too much in life. @jimkchin
Peter IsaacsonCMO at DemandbaseAccount based marketing enthusiast who called out persona based targeted marketing as a throne of lies and claims that Demandbase makes 'business decision-maker' targeting in large businesses a reality through AI.@peisaacson
Ryan DeissFounder and CEO of Digitalmarketer.comBrian took us through the 10x factors of every great marketeer. Another key point was that he’d rather know what his customers think is cool rather than what fellow marketeer peers think is the next trend. He also dislikes sporks.@ryandeiss
Sarah KennedyCMO at Marketo (part of Adobe)Sarah is now moving up in the Adobe world and shared her 10 growth-pains and insights on what it takes to be a great CMO. Key tips included: learn from mistakes, make friends with sales and the CFO. @saykay
Victoria PendletonWorld and Olympic Champion track cyclist now horse rider and adventurerCourage – you aren’t born with it, you don’t inherit it, it is not bestowed on you, you
aren’t given it, it’s not something you deserve. But anyone can own it if you choose to
have it. You simply choose to be courageous.

What we took away from Hypergrowth19

The clear theme of the day was courage and empathy. Yes, data is important but what really shined through is that soft skills really matter if you want to be a great marketeer. Time and again human psychology was noted as a crucial must-have. We can’t wait to embrace our inner creative child and obsess even more about the customer experience rather than just the actual product. 

Oh, and then there was the launch of Drift’s new video tool that allows video chats during product trials and gave an apple launch a run for its money: drift.com/video

But if you thought that the day was over before the last presentation you would have been blown away by how Jimmy Chin humbly and honestly talked about his life and how he got to shoot Oscar winning ‘Free Solo’ 3000 feet above the ground with less than a day’s notice. 

Suffice to say, that everyone left truly inspired to take risks, be more empathetic, learn from mistakes and be a better team leader. Thank you Drift for organising such an incredible event. Time well spent. 

Hypergrowth entrance
Street art everywhere
Welcome to the main room
Awesome beats and stage design
Amanda Hill, CMO of Harrods passionate about embracing creativity and different points of view
Jimmy Chin on how he shot Oscar winning 'Free Solo'
Random thoughts on Hypergrowth for the inner creative kids on site

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