What does smarter barging mean?

for Clarkson Platou

01 About the project

The barging industry has a bit of a reputation for undefined processes and lack of transparency despite its incredibly important role in supply and transport chains across Europe. Clarksons has been leading a small revolution in barging by creating more transparent processes for both ship owners and charterers. Now that barging has been redefined, it was time to let everyone know about it. Meet ‘smarter barging’.

About the project

02 Our strategy

A clear proposition and a sales deck that does it all

Shipping is built on trust and relationships. So we came up with: ‘Smarter barging’ – Driven by insight. Powered by experience. But big marketing statements don’t really work in shipping. You’re only as good as your word. So we created a clear and comprehensive sales deck that the barging team can use on a daily basis. Need a few slides? No problem. Need a deck for pitch meeting? It’s covered. With great design and clear messaging explaining what smarter barging really means. And you shouldn’t just take Clarkson’s word for it. We brought their statements to life with powerful quotes and testimonials from existing customers.


Our strategy

03 Win win

More transparency. More customers. Less paperwork.

It was important that the key benefits to ship owners and charterers were crystal clear. Clarksons has done some incredible work to make the entire barging process more transparent and easier for both. This means efficiencies across the board, more opportunities for ship owners and less admin and phone calls or emails to check on your next barge.

Win win

04 Smarter means faster

How long did it take us to deliver the project? It took about 3 weeks from brief to final deliverable due to great teamwork and a comprehensive brief from Clarksons.

Smarter means faster

05 For Clarksons we delivered:

  • Division positioning and messaging
  • Product benefits
  • Comprehensive sales deck  
  • Strategy, copywriting, design 
smarter barging on screen

“We briefed and they delivered. No fuss, just great strategy, copy and design. The entire team is delighted and everyone is going to want one of those now. ”

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