A new standard for shipping

for Maritech Services

01 About the project

Maritech designs, develops and brings to market software and digital applications for the maritime industry. Sea/ is a suite of digital tools-for-trade for the maritime industry which enhance the way shipping professionals work. The Sea/ platform enables traders, charterers, operators, analysts, owners and brokers to manage freight transactions and fixtures from start to finish by digitising workflows. In doing so, it helps all involved to realise efficiencies and unlock additional commercial opportunities for the future.

About the project

02 Our strategy

Keep it real. Make it louder. Be specific.

Shipping as an industry isn’t known to embrace radical change. To make their sales and marketing material stand out we drew on our audience insights and developed copy that didn’t just highlight product benefits but emphasised existing pain points (because who really likes to restart Outlook 12 times a day?). We focussed on making technical sales jargon more accessible, relevant and real. We also made recommendations for a digital marketing campaign strategy to launch the product successfully.

Our strategy

03 For Maritech we delivered:

  • Sea product messaging
  • Strategy, copywriting, design 
  • Sales leaflets and materials
  • Marketing material development from concept to print
  • Digital marketing campaign strategy
Maritech's tool can help you manage lots of data in your email inbox

04 This is smarter shipping

Product messaging needed to be sharper and more accessible bringing out product benefits as well as Maritech’s’ in-depth understanding and expertise of the shipping industry.

This is smarter shipping

“Speed, professionalism, quality, price. Normally you compromise on one of these things but with Brightful it is possible to have it all! NPS score 10/10.”

Maritech sea/gateway is the tool for future and fixture trading

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