01 Why we exist

It really can be done differently

After years of working at large agencies, we were friends and colleagues who got frustrated with the lack of value clients were receiving from consultancies. Richard was frustrated with the amount of time it took for agencies to change. Julia was excited by the gig economy and wanted to live it and shape it. Dom delivered large and complex projects with a team that wasn’t able to scale up flexibly, creating fixed overhead and making delivery expensive. We all knew there were leaner and better options. That’s why we decided to create Brightful.

So, we created an agency that helps you move forward faster especially in times of change. We can be your thinking partner, your delivery partner or we can help deliver genuine change.  

02 Why we set up Brightful

Richard Coope (Brightful’s Founder) explains why Brightful was set up and how we can help businesses to move forward faster.

03 Our approach

How, you ask?

We are a virtual network agency, that’s connected. We only work with highly experienced and skilled people we know who value their freedom to think, who are disciplined and get things done. A team that is experienced enough to create lasting change with impact.

04 Why we're different

Doing things smarter and faster

To deliver great work all you really need is great wifi, the time and space to think and the freedom to get things done. Our network approach cuts costs and unnecessary commutes, delivers high quality work and gives people more time with their families, making them happier at what they do. It also means we have the luxury of picking the best people for the job with great experience, rather than who has capacity. This creates better work and more for you, the client. Win win.  

05 Living our values.

So what makes Brightful unique? Julia (Brightful’s Think Lead) shares what she particularly loves about Brightful and how we do things differently.

06 Values we value

Our values are what drives us. Every day.


  1. KISS – Keep it simple, stupid
    There is no need to overcomplicate anything. Ever.
  2. MIA – Make it awesome
    Adding craft and passion to all we do to deliver that little bit of extra that makes it worth doing.
  3. GB – Give back
    No, we’re not running for the Olympics. But we love to give it our all. To people, families, communities or causes that need help.


Meet the team

We are a brightful bunch. Highly experienced and driven to deliver great thinking, doing and change.

Let's sprint to that!

07 Our team

The Brightful Collective

08 We work with businesses, agencies and start-ups

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09 Our thinking

How we deliver value

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