01 Is your technology working for or against you?

02 Making the most of digital

You’d think that most large organisations are on top of their digital, tech and data landscape… ahem… well they should be. If you’re not quite there yet, don’t worry you’re not alone.  We’re here to make your digital change happen faster.

03 Advanced technology

Is your tech already working well for you? We can help to take your tech and digital maturity to the next level and show you how to make your existing technology work better for you. Or get your workforce to engage with it more effectively.

04 Consolidate and optimise your digital landscape

We can help you consolidate your technology approach to digital, ensuring you have a solid technology roadmap in place and deliver new or improve existing platforms. Like our team has done for GSK, Shell, Coca-Cola Hellenic and many more. 

05 Why Brightful?

And the best bit? We’re not linked to one single platform but have experience with many different open source and enterprise platforms. So we can advise the best technical option for your specific challenge rather than recommending what’s easiest for us to implement. 

06 Choosing the right technology

Our team has experience in delivering anything from a humble microsite to a large scale enterprise solutions for Shell, GSK and Coca-Cola HBC.

07 Digital and technology services

  • Websites
  • Microsites
  • Campaign sites
  • Digital products
  • Technical and digital roadmaps
  • Technical infrastructure analysis and recommendation
  • Technical partner auditing
  • Team development
  • Digital skills mapping
  • Digital team restructuring 


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08 Our clients say

“Razor-sharp business acumen and a gift for understanding complex situations and identifying the opportunities within. Brightful’s knowledge of digital channels is wide and deep, and an authority on how brands can use digital to drive strategic objectives.”

09 For businesses, agencies and start-ups

Technical platforms our team members have experience with

10 How to

Make technology work harder for you

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