01 Responsible AI to make our world stronger and better.

02 Machine learning that improves your business

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, and has been for a while. Here at Brightful we specialise in data analysis and helping you define how you could use AI to improve your business processes.

03 Embrace an artificially enhanced future

We can help you with business process mapping and show you how to introduce AI into your organisation responsibly. Whether you are thinking of using AI packages (Microsoft Cognitive Services, Azure, AWS, IBM Watson) or more bespoke machine learning. We can help cut through the complexity and advise you on the best option for your business.

04 AI services

  • AI strategy
  • Data analytics
  • AI opportunities mapping
  • Business process mapping
  • Responsible AI

05 Our clients say

“We are now at the prototype stage with the app and have something we can demonstrate to police forces. Here today, these great people have actually taken our app and come up with loads of great ideas and a full year’s marketing plan on how we can take it out to market. ”

After AI that helps your business move forward faster?

Let’s create a responsible future driven by responsible AI

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06 Our thoughts

On responsible AI

Digital 25 November 2019

How to move forward faster with AI

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